Diabetio Teacher teaches your child all the important things about daily diabetes self-care.

Diabetio Teacher will adjust to your child’s learning pace and is super fun to hang out with.Founders of Diabetio

How Diabetio Teacher helps you and your child.

Diabetio Teacher has been a super fun and clever way to learn together with my child.
As a parent, it’s been a great comfort to see how fast my child has learned so much about the daily
diabetes self-care.Parent of a diabetic child
For children newly diagnosed with diabetes it is important that they are quickly introduced to daily routines of diabetes self-care.
We have built Diabetio Teacher to give you the best support during this transition time.Dr Alf Holmgren

What are my skills?

I will teach your child all about basic diabetes self-care.

The more your child learns, the more advanced things I will teach.

Learning about diabetes is a lot of work for both your child and you as a parent. I will teach you in an engaging and fun way to make the new challenges of managing diabetes easier to overcome.

I learn quickly about your child’s daily life so that your child can focus on playing and having fun.

Best of all, I’m super fun to hang out with.Diabetio Teacher