With Diabetio Carbs your child learns about carbs and how to calculate them in a fun and engaging way.

Diabetio Carbs will suggest suitable insulin dosage for your child once Diabetio has the prescription information.Founders of Diabetio

How Diabetio Carbs helps you and your child?

Diabetio Carbs has been great help and support to my child and me during this first challenging time after the diagnosis.

It’s a clever carbs calculator and really helped us to quickly get up to speed with calculating carbs in foods and drinks.

As a parent it gives me great comfort, and my child now asks Diabetio Carbs before even asking me.Mother of a diabetic child

Calculating carbs in meals is central in your child’s diabetes treatment, but can become a tiresome part of your daily life really fast.

Instead, we wanted to make it a fun learning experience for children.
Founders of Diabetio


What are my skills?

I answer questions about how much carbs different foods and drinks contain.

I calculate the total amount of carbs in a meal so you that can always start your day by enjoying your breakfast.

I suggest accurate insulin dosage for a specific meal once Diabetio has the prescription information.

I have great memory so that you can enjoy life while I keep track of all your carbs and meals.
Diabetio Carbs

Diabetio Buddy