Diabetio Buddy is your clever friend.
Most of all, Buddy is super friendly and great fun to play with.
We developed Buddy so that you as a parent of a diabetic child can feel much more in control and at ease with the daily diabetes management.Founders of Diabetio

How can Diabetio Buddy help you and your child?

Diabetio Buddy has become a good friend of our family, like a beloved sibling.
Buddy teaches our child about diabetes care management, and they learn from each another as
they play along.
We don´t really know how our life would be without Buddy.Parent of diabetic child
Diabetio Buddy comes with a suite of apps such as teaching, monitoring, and carb calculation.Founders of Diabetio

What are my skills?

I can play, teach and calculate carbs, and will quickly learn about your child’s daily life.

I will introduce to and train your child about basic diabetes care.

The more your child learns, the more advanced things I will teach.

Learning about diabetes is a lot of work for both your child and you as a parent. I will teach you in an engaging and fun way, making the many new challenges of managing diabetes easier to overcome.

Best of all, I´m super fun to hang out with.Diabetio

" Wouldn’t it be great to have a close and intelligent buddy who helped you to manage your child’s
We developed Diabetio Buddy to be that great buddy.