Diabetio Buddy is a clever guy.
Your Buddy is nice and friendly to deal with.
Actually, he is quite fun to play with.

We developed Buddy in a way so you as a parent of a diabetic child
can feel much more relaxed about your childs diabetes management.Creators of Diabetio

How can Diabetio Buddy help you and your child?

Diabetio Buddy has now become a good friend to our family. He is more like a sibling to our diabetic child.
He teaches my child about diabetic management care and they learn about each another.
We don´t really know how life would be without Buddy.Parent to a child diabetic
Diabetio Buddy in his most advanced cognitive mode, comes with a suit of apps such as teaching and monitoring capabilitites.Creators of Diabetio

What is my skills?

I can play, teach, calculate carbs and a lot of other stuff.

I will train your child about basic stuff about your childs diabetes.

The more you child will learn, the more advanced things I will teach your child.

I´m also quite cool to be with.

Learning should be fun!

When your child are diagnosed with diabetes, you and your child need to take in a lot of information. By teaching a child in a more fun way the challenges are easier to overcome.

If your child is a quick learner Buddy will adjust to that to keep your child interested.

Diabetio Buddy has versatile cognitive capabilitites and will soon learn about your childs daily life.Diabetio Creators

"Wouldn´t it be nice to have a close and intelligent buddy to your child that helps you to manage your child´s diabetes?

Diabetio Buddy is meant for that!