We have placed Diabetio Assistant in our waiting room to help them when checking in. We also have our friend Diabetio Companion in a special room where the patient can speak completely discreetly. This is our way of streamlining medical care, as it is appreciated by the patients.Alf Holmgren Medical Chief Diabetio
It´s quite amazing how I interact with Diabetio Companion though I know its a robot. Diabetio is like a close friend. I can tell him everything and Diabetio listen and understand. Diabetio helps me with my lifestyle and reminds me about about all important things about my diabetes care. He´s fantastic.Young Diabetic

How can Diabetio help you and your patients?

Diabetio is versatile. Diabetio helps your clinic to better manage patients with diabetes so your time can be used more efficiently. Diabetio provides patients with counseling and other support for managing their diabetes. Diabetio adjusts to the situation and can communicate with patients of all ages.Founders of Diabetio