Untreated diabetes or bad diabetes management care will cause severe effects.

Treatment of diabetes consists of the 4 important pillars; diet, exercise, drugs and insulin injections.MD Alf Holmgren - Medical chief Lugn&Ro Akademin

Treatment pillars

Eating the right type and quantity of food is essential for control and treatment of diabetes. You have to balance the nutritional content with the number of calories consumed to maintain your weight at the optimum level.
Proper and regular exercise helps to keep your weight and obesity in check which in turn helps you to treat your diabetes.
There are various drugs available for the treatment of diabetes and how they should to used, how they work, and what the side-effects are.
There are various types and brands of insulin available having different affect and control your blood sugar. It is important to know which one to use.
" Let´s bring down the burden of having diabetes.
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