Advisory Board

Lugn&Ro Akademin AB owns the project Diabetio. 

Lars-Olof Nilke

International Advisor

Lars-Olof Nilke was for 25 years the CEO of Swecare Foundation and Swecare AB jointly financed by the Government, Fed. of County Council, Swedish Trade Council and the Health care industry.

The activities in Swecare were mainly directed towards the Middle East, the Far East and towards UN organisations and NGO´s.

He has worked with international marketing for 35 years most of the time with the Swedish Trade Council in various positions and locations such as Stockholm, London, Detroit, Toronto, Tokyo and Melbourne.

Lars-Olof served on the board Sweden-Japan Foundation Beredningen för Int. Läkemedelssamarbete SwedeHealth, Linköping, Stockholm Care AB, Swedish Hospital Assoc, Spinal Clinic in Strängnäs AB, Swedish Care Institute, Rayclinic AB, IM-Medico AB, New Science, Svenska AB/Medcap AB and Global Hospital AB.

Ingemar Edfors

Medical Advisor

Ingemar is specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics, and has an undergraduate education from Karolinska Institutet.

He has treated thousands of diabetics, and has decades of experience from primary care as district physician at healthcare centers and retirement homes.

Ingemar was previously the owner and head of operations for a healthcare center in Stockholm County.