Diabetio might not be able to cure diabetes but
Diabetio can make the lives of million diabetics much easier.Creators of Diabetio
As parents of several children with diabetes, we understand the deep concern parents in the same situation may have. Managing diabetes could be done much more intelligently and with better control. Diabetio is really a revolution.Co-creators of Diabetio
I remember perfectly well when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I was charged urgently at Boston Children's Hospital.

Think about it, it is a desease that is deadly if you don´t treat it and it is for life. This comes in an age where your life start. Horrifying!

After a while you learn to manage it and your feelings.

There are so many things that could be done better to learn and manage diabetes.Tove Svensson, co-creator of Diabetio

Diabetio is versatile and comes with a lot of apps to help you to manage your diabetes.

We operate in primary care and home care in Stockholm County, Sweden. We have developed Diabetio to be a product that really makes a difference in managing diabetes care wether it is for newly diagnosed children Type 1 or for eldery having Type 2.

Our youngest patient will benefit from Diabetio Buddy and Diabetio Teacher and have a fun time. The eldery like to get assistance from Diabetio Companion who will help then to manage the diabetis care on daily basesFounders BraineHealth- Creator of Diabetio

Thanks Diabetio!